Columns in buildings and bridges often corrode with aging and require repair and strengthening. Construction errors can also lead to weaker columns that require strengthening. Virtually all concrete columns constructed prior to the mid-1970s when modern earthquake codes were developed are unsafe when subjected to seismic loads. In all these cases, FRP offers a fast and cost-effective repair alternative. QuakeWrap engineers have also developed several new patented technologies for strengthening of columns and piles that are marketed under the brand name PileMedic®.These innovative products developed by Prof. Ehsani offer solutions that are often not possible with other FRP or conventional materials.

Numerous studies funded by various government agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Caltrans, Texas DOT, Nebraska Department of Roads, etc. have proven the effectiveness of our FRP and PileMedic® system to repair and strengthen columns. In all cases, QuakeWrap engineers will recommend the most suitable product for the repair. They will design the retrofit including the number and orientation of fibers in each layer of the FRP fabric or laminate and will provide sealed engineering drawings for such column repairs to the client.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of repair of columns with FRP include:

  • Repairs are applicable to all materials (steel, concrete, timber, etc.)
  • Can increase axial, shear and flexural capacity of columns
  • Significantly improve confinement and ductility of column
  • Minimal increase in column dimensions
  • Repairs are fast with minimal disruption of service


  • Cabana Hotel, FRP Strengthening Of Concrete Columns In Historic Hotel Building, Miami Beach, FL
  • Cleveland Columns, FRP Confinement of Concrete Columns, Port Clinton, Ohio
  • Plaza in Clayton, FRP Retrofit of Concrete Columns in Condominium Tower, St. Louis, MO
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware Warehouse, FRP Strengthening of R/C Columns in Cold Weather Conditions, Hailey, ID