Food & Beverage Processing

Food processing and beverage producing/bottling plants handle a lot of fluids that are corrosive to varying degrees and cause significant corrosion in these facilities.  Even the fumes from some of the acids contained in fruit juices, for example, are strong enough to cause corrosion in steel over time.  Sometimes these chemicals spill on the floor and come in contact with steel columns, causing corrosion of these elements. 

Our engineered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) solutions offer fast, long-lasting and economical repair alternatives to owners, architect/engineers and contractors involved with food and beverage processing industry to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption of service.  FRP solutions produce significantly less dust and by providing an enclosure around the repair area,

These systems are particularly ideal when the repairs have to be completed in a short shutdown time frame.

Some of the repair and strengthening projects in the chemical-processing industry that can benefit from QuakeWrap® engineered FRP solutions are:

  • Strengthening of floors, beams, columns and walls as a result of change of use in existing buildings, or placement of additional loads, etc. using PileMedic®
  • Repair and strengthening of steel, concrete and fiberglass tanks
  • Repair of corrosion damaged columns, floors, stairways, etc. with minimal disruption of service    
  • Repair of corrosion-damaged beams, walls and columns in cooling towers with PileMedic®
  • Blast retrofit/mitigation or force protection of the key structures such as control rooms against terrorist attacks or accidental explosion
  • Seismic strengthening of concrete and masonry buildings for enhanced resiliency in case a major earthquake occurs
  • Trenchless repair of high-pressure pipelines (internally or externally) with wet layup, StifPipe® or InfinitPipe®
  • Repair of jetties and submerged piles that may be a part of the plant, e.g. jetties used as unloading facilities
  • Repair and strengthening of chimneys and smokestacks

 In most cases, QuakeWrap engineers can provide a complete “turnkey” design-build solution that includes sealed engineering drawings by our in-house engineers, all of the materials needed, and installation by one of our approved and certified installers.  Our construction company is fully trained and compliant with the safety regulations in chemical processing and other industrial plants.  This unique turnkey design-build approach results in significant efficiency, time and cost-savings, and minimizes the potential errors and delays that can result when multiple groups are involved in one project. 

QuakeWrap® also welcomes the opportunity to partner with owners, architects, engineers and contractors by providing any single aspect of the project, i.e., design, materials, or installation for a specific project.