Mine Mission to Stop Corrosion

“Replacing the liner (of an inside area of a dust control scrubber) with the QuakeWrap product has performed beyond my expectations. The dust scrubber has not had any corrosion issues and no leakage of water. I also examined the outside of the scrubber cabinet and observed no perforations what so ever.

Another QuakeWrap application was on a roofing job, using the product to patch holes and cracks between the roof and vents. Since the application, we’ve witnessed no leaks.

In addition to the positive results of the product, the (FRP Construction) crew was professional, with strict adherences to our safety requirements, as well as their own. Thanks for a very professional experience.”

--Steve Cataldi, Chief Chemist/Sr. Supervisor, QC Lab, ASARCO LLC-Ray Operations, Kearny, AZ

Campus Life Continues

"Fixing the tunnel from the inside with QuakeWrap not only saves us money but is minimally invasive to our busy campus. We think it's a green solution, too..."

--Mr. Peter Dourlein, Assistant Vice President for Planning, Design and Construction at the University of Arizona

Down to Earth Pipe Repair

"To replace this pipeline because of where it is and how it traveled would be an astronomical cost. Rehabilitation (using PipeMedic) was the only course of action."

--Mario Carbone, Executive Vice President, Progressive Pipeline Management

Free-Flowing Freeway Bridge Repair

"The FRP repairs were completed in just two weeks, improving all four bridges... all of this was affordable enough to be funded with the region's operating budget, and happened on one of the busiest highways in Missouri without causing any delays or distractions to the public."

--Mark Croarkin, PE, St. Louis District Bridge Engineer, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

Historical Preservation Appreciation

"Your structural engineering services were second to none in terms of cost efficiency and constructability... QuakeWrap has done a top-notch job on a challenging project. Your efforts have exceeded expectations per the drawings and the tight budget. The level of quality demonstrated in your craftmanship has not gone unrecognized here."

---- Steven Mitchell, AIA, Project Manager, Historic Fox Tucson Theater Renovation, Concord General Contracting, Tucson, AZ

On Demand Solutions

"When we work with QuakeWrap, we typically come up with a demand -"this slab needs this" - and they come up with a design to meet that demand. They continually improve their products and solve problems."

--Vic Beizai, P.E., Principal, Trencode Enterprises, Glendale, CA