Manholes / Access Points

Access points, commonly referred to as manholes provide access for the workers to buried infrastructure such as pipes, tunnels, utility vaults, etc. These structures are often made with concrete or brick. The moist environment combined by presence of H2S gases, lead to rapid deterioration of manholes. Various lining solutions such as spray-coating epoxy or cementitious grouts or wet lay-up FRP have been used to repair these structures.

Our patented StifPipe® technology offers an innovative cost-effective solution for repair of access points and manholes. The bricks or debris coming off the walls of manholes require a rigid liner that can push back and hold this debris in place. StifPipe® segments can be designed and constructed to any shape or size with adequate strength to resist all loads including traffic and soil pressure. The cone of the manhole is lifted and the light-weight StifPipe® is lowered into the manhole. The annular space between the manhole and StifPipe® is filled with grout. The repair is safe and fast, minimizing traffic disruption.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of repair of manholes with StifPipe® include:

  • Repairs require minimal excavation only to remove the cone
  • StifPipe® is made with non-corroding materials
  • StifPipe® can be custom made to any shape or size
  • Minimal loss of diameter of manhole due to repair
  • Lightweight StifPipe® is safe to handle
  • Repairs are fast with minimal downtime