The adverse environmental conditions in coastal, marine, refineries, and mines, etc. often result in corrosion of steel reinforcement and cracking of concrete in foundations. In some cases, improper design that did not call for adequate reinforcing steel may have to be addressed. In all these cases, FRP products offer unique and cost-effective solutions. Our recently developed and patented PileMedic® system can solve many of these problems in a short time and with little or no disruption of service.

QuakeWrap engineers will provide the design including the number of layers and orientation of the FRP fabric or PileMedic® laminates to be used in repair of the foundation. These sealed drawings and calculations will be provided to the owner.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of repair of foundations with FRP include:

  • Can increase axial and shear capacity of foundations
  • The FRP will serve as a moisture-barrier, significantly reducing the corrosion rate
  • Virtually no increase in foundation size
  • Repairs are fast with minimal disruption of service