Recreational & Entertainment (Gyms/Stadiums)

Sport arenas, stadiums and gymnasiums are unique in that they accommodate large number of people at various recreational and entertainment events.  The excited fans that jump up and down to cheer their favorite team or band create additional vibration-induced loads on the structural elements.  Partial collapse of a segment of these facilities is frequently reported in the news causing significant injuries and loss of life.  At the same time, many outdoor stadiums and sport arenas are subjected to rain and snow, leading to corrosion and weakening of the structural elements. 

Our engineered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) solutions offer fast, economical and long-lasting repair alternatives to owners, architect/engineers and contractors to ensure the renovation of sport arenas and stadiums are completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption of service.  Some of the repair and strengthening solutions for marine structures including marinas, docks, piers, jetties, seawalls and sheet piles offered by QuakeWrap® engineered FRP solutions are:

  • Repair of corroded steel, concrete or timber beams, floors or column 
  • Strengthening of ceiling or overhead trusses to support hanging additional equipment such as lights, speakers, etc.
  • Strengthening of all or segments of the floor and columns to support additional loads
  • Seismic retrofit of the sport arena or stadium including office buildings for compliance with modern earthquake codes and to ensure resiliency of these facilities in the event of a major earthquake
  • Blast retrofit/mitigation or force protection of all or parts of the facility against terrorist attacks

In most cases, QuakeWrap engineers can provide a complete “turnkey” design-build solution that includes sealed engineering drawings by our in-house engineers, all of the materials needed, and installation by one of our approved and certified installers.  This unique turnkey design-build approach results in significant efficiency, time and cost-savings, and minimizes the potential errors and delays that can result when multiple groups are involved in one project. 

QuakeWrap® also welcomes the opportunity to partner with owners, architects, engineers and contractors by providing any single aspect of the project, i.e., design, materials, or installation for a specific project.