Marine Contractors

Marine contractors are specialized in the niche industry of repairing waterfront and submerged structures. In many case, structural engineers and architects consult with marine contractors and seek their advice about feasibility or cost estimate of pending projects.  It is therefore incumbent upon marine contractors to be familiar with the latest technologies and advances in the field.  Such knowledge will give them an edge over the competition and will help them in growing their business.  This is why we believe the numerous patented technologies developed by Prof. Ehsani for repair and strengthening of marine and waterfront structures can become a major component in the toolbox of products and systems offered by marine contractors. 

Among the unique advantages of FRP solutions offered by QuakeWrap® are:

  • Strengthening of structures can be achieved to resist virtually any future load level
  • Future corrosion can be stopped by seamless encapsulation of structure to keep water and oxygen away
  • Safety of workers and job site is significantly enhance by using lightweight FRP materials
  • FRP materials do not corrode and provide a long maintenance-free service life
  • Design calculation, specifications and sealed engineering drawings by our in-house structural engineers
  • Cost and time saving in virtually all projects 

We invite you to learn about our PileMedic® system and the various unique solutions that we have developed to address the following applications:

  • PileMedic® jackets for repair and strengthening of submerged piles
  • SPiRe® system for repair of corroded steel sheet piles
  • SPiRe® stay-in-place forms for repair of corroded concrete beams below the pier where access is very limited
  • Pre-manufactured assemblies for repair of very large marine structures such as submerged foundations, bridge pier walls, etc. where few if any alternative repairs exist

 We offer regularly-scheduled training and certification programs for contractors to learn about installation of our products.  In addition, on any project, we can provide on-site training and supervision for your crew to install our products.  Our quality-control engineers are also available to ensure proper installation of our systems throughout your project.