Building Rehab Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Cooling Towers
Underground Utility Tunnels
Historical Buildings
Parking Garages


Facility managers charged with campus maintenance for some of the nation’s top educational institutions find QuakeWrap’s rehabilitation and repair applications a perfect fit for large, bustling campuses.

QuakeWrap and FRP Construction has experience rehabbing and repairing an assortment of structures and access tunnels that are subjected to high humidity and temperatures that quickly corrode most construction materials such as concrete, steel, timber and more. These repairs are often made with minimal interruption to campus activities, and upon completion add years of service life to these structures.


QuakeWrap’s engineered Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) rehab solutions offer fast, long-lasting and economical repair alternatives to facilities managers, while ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and with minimal campus disruption.

Some of the repair and strengthening projects on university and college campuses that have benefitted from QuakeWrap® engineered FRP solutions are:

  • Repair of underground utility tunnels that are damaged by corrosion
  • Repair of corrosion-damaged beams, walls and columns in cooling towers
  • Repair of corrosion damaged columns, floors or stairways in stadiums and parking garages
  • Strengthening of floors, beams, columns and walls as a result of change of use or load bearing need in existing buildings such as stadiums, gymnasiums, libraries and more
  • Strengthening of roof beams (both concrete and glulam) for increased load capacity such as when new air handling units are installed
  • Trenchless repair of underground pipelines, storm drains and other large conveyance systems.


Design-Build Solutions
In most cases, QuakeWrap engineers can provide a complete “turnkey” design-build solution that includes sealed engineering drawings by our in-house engineers, all of the materials needed, and installation by one of our approved and certified installers. This unique turnkey design-build approach results in significant efficiency, time and cost-savings, and minimizes the potential errors and delays that can result when multiple groups are involved in one project.

QuakeWrap® also partners with owners, architects, engineers and contractors on single aspects of projects, proving the design, materials, or installation for timely completion of critical projects.