Utility Poles

Utility poles made with concrete, steel or wood are used in a various industries such as electrical, telephone and wireless communication industries. These structures face a variety of challenging issues. Timber poles, for example, are attacked by insects and become weak by natural aging process; this results in broken poles and downed power lines in many storms. Concrete poles (or towers) that are used in the wireless communication (cell phone) industry, were originally put in service 20 or more years ago. With increased volume in size of files to be transmitted, additional larger antennas must be supported by these towers. This requires strengthening of the towers. Moreover, many steel trestle towers used for electrical transmission lines and cell phone towers need to be strengthened.

The recent patented PileMedic® technology developed by Prof. Ehsani offers a unique cost-effective method to repair or strengthen utility poles. Various tests by utility companies such as Tucson Electric Power, Texas DOT, Caltrans, Nebraska Dept. of Roads, etc. have proven the effectiveness of this system. Our technologies can address virtually all conditions for strengthening timber, concrete or steel poles and towers. QuakeWrap engineers examine the client requirements and can develop novel retrofit solutions that meet all loading requirements. These solutions will be supported by our sealed design calculations and drawings that will be delivered to the client.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of repair of utility poles with PileMedic® include:

  • Repairs are applicable to all materials (steel, concrete, timber, etc.)
  • Can increase axial (tension and compression) and flexural capacity of columns
  • Minimal increase in column dimensions and footprint of the pole
  • Repairs are fast with no disruption of service
  • Repairs are ideal for remote access sites, e.g. mountaintops, etc.