QuakeWrap Engineering Services

FOR DESIGN, RESTORATION, RETROFIT AND MORE QuakeWrap offers full-service structural engineering and design services, specializing in new structure designs and economical retrofit solutions. Restoring severely corroded structures, engineering new design options, and increasing existing load capacity are just some of the solutions we provide when traditional structural design methods will not solve your problems.

We are engineers that specialize in structural evaluation and restoration

Our team of QuakeWrap engineers analyze structural health and quickly evaluate corrosion, deterioration, capacity increase needs and more. We offer complete structure health analysis and structural health inspections using a number of non-destructive testing methods. Our team can help you evaluate original structural designs, or design a custom FRP retrofit solution specifically for you. QuakeWrap engineers specialize in economical retrofit solutions. QuakeWrap products have a solid record of over 20 years repairing and restoring severely corroded structures. These retrofits can increase load capacity when traditional design methods and construction are unattainable or unachievable.

Review the QuakeWrap Engineering Serivces digital borchure above for a complete list of structural engineering services available.

QuakeWrap provides the savings, speed, versatility, and durability owners, engineers, and contractors need to repair and strengthen vital infrastructures on time and within budget.

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