Large Pipe Repair

For more on pipe repair using FRP visit the authority on large pipeline rehab using FRP, PipeMedic® by QuakeWrap here.

Deteriorated and leaking pipes are a major concern for pipeline owners and operators. FRP products offer unique solutions particularly when strengthening existing pipelines are required. QuakeWrap provides a complete line of products and several patented technologies for pipeline renovation that can be found at We offer solutions for a wide range of pipe diameter sizes from 4 inch (100mm) to over 180 inches (4.5 m). Most of these techniques are performed as trenchless, requiring zero or minimal excavation. Numerous award-winning projects attest to our unique capabilities and innovative solutions for pipeline repair.

Thin sheets of FRP with a thickness of approximately 0.05 inch (1.3 mm) can be applied to the outside or inside surface of the pipe similar to wallpaper to strengthen the pipe. These materials cure within a day and reach a tensile strength three times that of steel. QuakeWrap engineers will determine the number and orientation of fibers in each layer of the FRP fabric and will provide sealed engineering drawings for such repairs.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of repair of pipes with FRP include:

  • Most repairs are trenchless, requiring zero or minimal excavation
  • Can increase the pressure rating of the pipe significantly
  • Repairs can be done internally or externally
  • Minimal increase in wall thickness (typically ¼ inch (5mm))
  • The smooth FRP lining will improve flow capacity of the pipe
  • Repairs are fast with minimal downtime
  • Ideal for spot repair of only damaged areas