New Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. To date, all pipes have been built in short pieces (20 feet or 6 m long) in plants and are shipped to the site and connected together in the field to form a long pipeline. This system is very inefficient resulting in leaking joints and costly transportation of pipe segments from the factory to the site.

Recently, Prof. Ehsani introduced InfinitPipe®, a revolutionary technique for onsite manufacturing of pipes. The technique allows a pipeline of virtually any length and diameter to be made continuously on site – eliminating all joints. Partial funding for this development was provided by the US National Science Foundation through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant.

Features & Benefits

Advantages of InfinitPipe® include:

  • Built on-site to any length
  • No joints to leak
  • Designed for any pressure
  • No transportation cost
  • Materials do not corrode
  • No cathodic protection is required
  • Pipe directly placed in trench or used for slip-lining existing pipes
  • Construction begins immediately
  • Can produce 2 miles (3 km) of pipe per week
  • Pipe weighs 10% of conventional pipe
  • Lighter pipe is safer to handle
  • Sustainable Green Technology