Army and Navy Divers implement PileMedic at Pearl Harbor Demonstration

QuakeWrap, Inc. was proud to take part in a Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) with the U.S. Transportation Command and U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM). The demonstrations, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, involved U.S. Army and Navy divers implementing the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers PIER program. PIER allows for repair of a damaged structure within days instead of months, or even years, which in turn supports a variety of missions. Pier pilings were repaired with QuakeWrap's PileMedic product to demonstrate the equipment’s use in the field.

“This is a culminating demonstration of a two-week assessment of novel pier repair capabilities,” said Kawakahi Amina, an Operational Manager with PACOM Logistics, Plans and Exercises, in a public PACOM news release.

You can read the PACOM news article, "Joint Team Demonstrates New Repair Technology to Benefit Indo-Asia-Pacific," here, or

See more of these in-water amazing pics of PileMedic by QuakeWrap in action on the QuakeWrap Facebook page here.

SPiRe® sheet pile repair system debuts at Underwater Intervention 2017

The most efficient method of repairing and restoring corroded steel sheet piles and seawalls using FRP technology from PileMedic® makes its debut at the premier event for ocean engineering and marine development. Read the corporate announcement from QuakeWrap, Inc..

PileMedic® professor shows new methods of repairing underwater piles, pipes and seawalls using FRP composites at UI 2017

Underwater Intervention 2017, a commercial marine services conference known for attracting underwater engineering innovations, will host a presentation by PileMedic® inventor and QuakeWrap, Inc. President Prof. Mo Ehsani on new methods for repairing underwater piles, submerged pipes and steel sheet piles using FRP composites.

“New Innovative Carbon FRP Solutions for Repair of Underwater Infrastructure,” is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 23 at 10:45 a.m. in room 224 and will be an update of all the latest PileMedic® repairs and retrofits currently deployed throughout the world.

The presentation will give attendees insights on the latest applications of Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) for restoring and strengthening corroded pier and bridge piles, rusting steel sheet piles, leaking submerged pipelines and more. This 2017 overview will include the development of these technologies over the last several years and how applications are being used for real world infrastructure repair today.

The innovative PileMedic® technologies were developed by Ehsani and the team at QuakeWrap over the last several years, and represent significant cost and time savings for most underwater structural repair and restoration projects. These innovations and their related products include:

PileMedic® laminates for repair and strengthening of submerged piles
SPiRe® custom-made FRP panels for repair of seawalls and beams
PipeMedic® carbon and glass FRPs for external wrapping of corroded pipes, and
InfinitPipe® for internal lining of corroded subsea pipelines.

More information on Underwater Intervention 2017 can be found here.

More information on PileMedic and the QuakeWrap family of pile, column and seawall repair products can be found at or by calling 520-791-7000

FRP repair pioneer Dr. Mo Ehsani to join industry leaders, representatives for Infrastructure Day in Washington DC

QuakeWrap founder and pioneer in the development of FRP materials for sustainable repair and reinforcement of structures will join other thought leaders on Capitol Hill to help influence the direction of the nation’s infrastructure repair for the foreseeable future.

The Washington DC event is being called by industry observers the most important forum to date for advancing composites in infrastructure markets this year.

The NIST/ACMA Workshop and ACMA Infrastructure Day is Feb. 7 -9, 2017. The event is a distinct gathering of leaders focusing on industry standards for infrastructure, who will begin the process of charting a road map to maintain composites as a leading sustainable solution for improving U.S. infrastructure.

More information on the NIST/ACMA Workshop and ACMA Infrastructure Day can be found here

World’s First 'Green' Pipe Recognized by ASCE Innovation Award

StifPipe® receives ASCE 2016 Innovation Award as the World's First "Green & Sustainable" Pipe

Click here to download the press release.

Quakewrap at World of Concrete

Thank you for visiting our booth at World of Concrete 2016 held in Las Vegas. 10 members of our staff, including our president, Dr. Mo Ehsani, attended this massive trade show. We will see you there next year as well! Our next booth, will be in Dallas Texas, at the NASST No Dig Show on the 20th of March 2016. If you are interested in booking a meeting with Dr. Ehsani, please email us here:

Energy Infrastructure for the 21st Century

The U.S. Capitol Hill blog published an article by Prof. Mo Ehsani on the role of pipelines and innovation on the future of energy development in the U.S. and abroad  Click Here.

QuakeWrap reinforces United Nations building in Beirut, Lebanon against blast loads

QuakeWrap, Inc. came out with a press release revealing the completion of a project that reinforced the United Nations building in Beirut, Lebanon against blast loads. Several of the walls of the newly-constructed building were reinforced using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) technology. To view this press release, please Click Here