Installation Videos


This page contains videos of several installations of PileMedic. You can click on the YouTube link, whereby the video as stored on will play. Alternatively, in some cases, the video of the installation may be available on this website. For those whose browser cannot access YouTube, this provides an alternative way to watch the video.

Videos of Installation of PileMedic
Image Description YouTube
Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) utilized our glass laminates for repair of nearly 70 corroded steel poles in substations. No shutdown was necessary for the repairs! Click here to read a published article about this project.
Condominium in Miami, FL, where all deteriorated underwater piles were repaired with PileMedic™ glass laminates with no need for coffer dams. To read an article about this project published in Concrete Repair Bulletin,click here
Missouri DOT St. Louis Bridges; some 50 deteriorated steel pilings were repaired in a record time, improving the bridge rating for these structures. Click here to read a published article about this project
Wood Utility Pole Repair
Wooden Utility Poles as shown here can be repaired by spiral winding a 12 inch band of PileMedic laminate and epoxying it to itself (not shown here) to create a solid shell that can be filled with resin.
Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier Repair
Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers like this one in San Luis Obispo, CA can be repaired by applying QuakeWrap carbon fabric saturated with epoxy resin. The jacket strengthens the column and stops the flow of oxygen, bringing the corrosion rate to a near halt!