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QuakeWrap, Inc. is the original provider of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products and systems for infrastructure renewal, including the repair and strengthening of bridges, towers, tunnels, buildings, marine piles, seawalls and more.

QuakeWrap is headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., and was founded over 20 years ago by University of Arizona Civil Engineering Professor Dr. Mo Ehsani, a pioneer in the development of innovative FRP products for repair of concrete, masonry, steel and timber.

CADD Technician

Primarily responsible for drafting and production of drawings for FRP strengthening and conventional structural design based on engineering design. This position reports to the Engineering Manager.

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Structural Engineer I

Use your creative abilities combined with your in-depth understanding of structural engineering principles to design FRP solutions to strengthen structures. FRP design training will be provided on the job. This position will report to the Senior Engineer.

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How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the QuakeWrap team, please submit your letter of interest and current resume to