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Historical Preservation Appreciation

"Your structural engineering services were second to none in terms of cost efficiency and constructability... QuakeWrap has done a top-notch job on a challenging project. Your efforts have exceeded expectations per the drawings and the tight budget. The level of quality demonstrated in your craftmanship has not gone unrecognized here."

-- Steven Mitchell, AIA
Project Manager, Historic Fox Tucson Theater Renovation
Concord General Contracting
Tucson, AZ

Speaking of FRP Repair...

"The product speaks for itself from an engineering point of view. It was very successful."

-- Besim Bilman, S.E.
Bilman & Bilman Structural Engineering
Pasadena, CA

Robust Structural Solution

"Mo Ehsani and QuakeWrap were instrumental in finding an economical and robust structural solution to our project. This strengthening technique and QuakeWrap's involvement saved the project."

Mark Larsen, P.E.
Principal, Paragon Structural Design, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

Regular Service Uninterrupted

"I am preparing a proposal for another project, and I am including reference to the added value that we can provide with QuakeWrap - no smell! Smell is a huge factor when working in an occupied facility."

-- Matt Boyce
Project Manager, Tarlton Corporation
St Louis, MO

Architecturally Speaking

"Architecturally, this product is very unobtrusive. It doesn't interfere with the looks of anything you apply it to."

--John Cataldo, AIA, CSI
President, Cataldo Architects
Pasadena, CA

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